Uppercut Deluxe Filled Wash Bag


Combining an epic motorbike-inspired bag with a selection of shave and wash products, the Uppercut Deluxe Filled Wash Bag is an ideal gift for someone important. Filled with shave cream, moisturiser, our signature bamboo toothbrush and goats milks soap, you can’t go wrong with this gift, so go ahead and reward yourself. Grab a Filled Wash Bag today and thank us later!

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Product Description

Our Filled Wash Bag has everything you’re going to need. It features a selection of the best grooming products ever made, all included in one stylish bag. If you’ve ever wondered what to buy the style conscious man in your life, look no further. Inspired by classic motorcycle panniers and saddle bags, the Filled Wash Bag will keep you looking good in any situation.

Featuring a selection of the finest shaving, moisturising and cleansing products from the Uppercut Deluxe range, this kit is designed to exude class and timeless style. Contents include Uppercut Deluxe Shave Cream, Aftershave Moisturiser, Soap and a Toothbrush. Measuring 157h x 235l x 130w, this kit was designed to be filled with the finest groom and zoom essentials from the Uppercut Deluxe range.

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Weight 2kg kg
Dimensions 235 x 130 x 157 cm