Uppercut Deluxe Grooming Bundle


The Uppercut Deluxe grooming bundle is a combination of all the essentials from our wash and shave ranges. Keep your skin nourished and clean to achieve a nice, tidy shave with this knockout bundle. We have also thrown in some moisturiser and a bamboo toothbrush to keep your mug in good shape and your pearly whites in check.

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Product Description

Skin care and shaving is important. There’s no point in sporting an epic hairstyle if your chops are covered in scruffy bum-fluff. You need to keep on top of your grooming routine in order to look good! Lucky for you, Uppercut Deluxe has your back. This Grooming Bundle features the best grooming essentials so you can stay looking sharp. Containing a selection of your favorite Uppercut Deluxe essential grooming products, this bundle is a must have for any style conscious chap, and is the perfect gifting item for men.

Revised for 2015 to include Shave Cream, Aftershave Moisturiser, a bar of Soap and a bamboo Toothbrush, this bundle contains everything to keep your face looking smooth and shaved, along with just what the dentist ordered to keep your pearly pegs in order.